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Behind the Headlines, a service provided by the NHS, offers an unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories that make the news.

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Should younger adults get their cholesterol levels checked?

04 December 2019

Researchers developed a model which shows the risk of having a heart attack or stroke by age 75, for people of different ages, depending on their so-called "bad" cholesterol (non-high density lipoprotein, or non-HDL cholesterol).

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Early research points to possible new endometriosis treatment

03 December 2019

"Cancer drug offers hope of new endometriosis treatment for millions, docs say," The Sun reports.

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Air pollution linked to increased hospital admissions for kidney disease and sepsis

28 November 2019

"Impact of air pollution on health may be far worse than thought," reports The Guardian.

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Ketamine dose to reduce heavy drinking shows promise

27 November 2019

"One-off ketamine dose may reduce heavy drinking, say scientists," reports The Guardian. In an experimental study, researchers used a single injection of the drug ketamine to disrupt the pleasurable memories that heavy drinkers associated with drinking alcohol.

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Air pollution may be linked to increased glaucoma risk

26 November 2019

"Air pollution linked to condition that causes blindness in major UK study," reports The Independent.

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Inducing birth at 41 weeks 'may reduce risk of stillbirth'

21 November 2019

"Induction recommended for women still pregnant at 41 weeks," reports The Guardian.

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Fear of statin links to memory problems 'unfounded'

20 November 2019

Study finds no evidence of a link between taking statins and memory loss and cognitive function.

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Smokers who switch to vaping could soon 'have healthier hearts'

18 November 2019

"Smokers can improve the health of their hearts within weeks of switching to e-cigarettes, the largest trial of its kind shows," BBC News reports.

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New blood test could lead to better treatment for sepsis

14 November 2019

"Blood test for sepsis could save lives of thousands of children by detecting how deadly their condition is," reports the Mail Online.

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Children become less active between age 5 and 11

13 November 2019

"Kids become dramatically less active over their years at primary school, study warns," reports Mail Online following a study on children at 57 schools in the southwest of England.

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Do hiccups help babies learn to breathe?

12 November 2019

"Why the hiccups help a baby learn to breathe more easily," reports The Times of a study looking at newborn babies.

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Difficulty sleeping linked with raised risk of heart attack and stroke

07 November 2019

"Can't sleep? Insomnia means you're at risk of heart attack and stroke," reports The Sun of a study looking at nearly 500,000 people in China.

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Loneliness may increase death risk in people with heart conditions

06 November 2019

Heart patients who are lonely have an increased risk of dying within a year of leaving hospital, new research from Denmark has found.

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Running 'reduces risk of early death' study reports

05 November 2019

"One jog a week is all you need to cut the risk of early death," Sky News reports.

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