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News Category: Genetics and stem cells

A list of news stories related to Genetics and stem cells are shown below.

Scientists find 'gene that delays Alzheimer's'

02 December 2015

Scientists have identified a genetic variation thought to delay the start of Alzheimer's disease, according to several media reports. The news is based on a study of 71 descendants of the same ancestral family in northern Colombia...

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UK regulators give go-ahead for 'embryo editing'

02 February 2016

"UK scientists have been given the go-ahead by the fertility regulator to genetically modify human embryos," BBC News reports. The UK body that regulates research into embryos…

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Have scientists really discovered why skin ages?

29 February 2016

"Powerful anti-ageing treatments which banish wrinkles for good are a step closer after scientists found the enzyme responsible for youthful skin," says the Daily Telegraph. Researchers from Newcastle University...

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Stem cells used to repair children's eyes after cataracts

10 March 2016

"Children with cataracts regain sight after radical stem cell treatment," The Guardian reports. The new operation, carried out on 12 children under two years old in China, was to treat childhood cataracts…

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Study suggests gene may turn 'good' cholesterol into 'bad'

14 March 2016

"Some people with high levels of supposedly 'good' cholesterol are at much greater risk of heart disease," BBC News reports. Researchers have identified a genetic variant – P376L – that may cause some people to have…

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Mystery of the 13 people with 'superhero DNA'

12 April 2016

"Some people appear to be born with 'superhero DNA' that cancels out genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis," BBC News reports. A study of more than 500,000 people found 13 people who should have developed genetic conditions, but apparently didn't...

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Gene breakthrough promises 'bespoke' breast cancer treatment

03 May 2016

"Breast cancer treatment breakthrough after 'milestone' genetic discovery," says The Independent, about widely reported research investigating genetic mutations in people with breast cancer...

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Dad's age, diet and lifestyle may cause birth defects

16 May 2016

"Men are being warned to become fathers by 40 or face a greater risk of having children with serious illnesses," the Daily Mail reports after a new review looked at some of the evidence about paternal influences on the risk of childhood diseases…

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Could cannabis damage DNA that is then passed down generations?

26 May 2016

"Smoking cannabis can alter a person's DNA, causing mutations that expose a user to serious illnesses," the Mail Online reports. A new review has looked at the role cannabis may play in what is known as chromothripsis…

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'Friendly' virus repairs damaged liver cells (but only in mice)

03 June 2016

"Have scientists found a cure for alcoholism?," the Mail Online asks, missing the point of the research entirely. Researchers were able to improve liver damage in mice. But this does not amount to curing an addiction to alcohol…

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Risky stem cell treatment 'halts progress of multiple sclerosis'

10 June 2016

"New treatment can 'halt' multiple sclerosis, says study," BBC News reports. The treatment involves effectively destroying the existing immune system and creating a new one using stem cells. But this new treatment…

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Could fertility breakthrough lead to babies with no mothers?

15 September 2016

"Fertility breakthrough means babies could be conceived from skin cells – so men can have babies with each other," is the excitable headline in the Daily Mirror. But the research in the news is at an early stage – and was in mice…

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Does discovery of 'severe PMS genes' offer hope of a cure?

04 January 2017

"Women who suffer from severe mood swings before their period have a different genetic make-up," The Sun reports. New research has found a link between a gene complex called ESC/E(Z) and severe symptoms of premenstrual...

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Artificial mouse embryos created

03 March 2017

"Artificial human life could soon be grown from scratch in the lab, after scientists successfully created a mammal embryo using only stem cells," reports The Daily Telegraph, which is an extremely premature claim…

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Is red hair gene linked to increased risk of Parkinson's?

06 March 2017

"Redheads are more likely to develop Parkinson's," claims the Mail Online after a study found the gene that makes people with red hair susceptible to skin cancer also increases the risk of brain disease...

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Four cups of coffee 'not bad for health' suggests review

25 April 2017

"Drinking up to four cups of coffee a day carries no health risk, experts say...Scientists said those who stick to that limit have no need to worry," reports the Sun. This was based on...

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Gene editing prevents inherited deafness in mice

21 December 2017

'Breakthrough for genetic hearing loss as gene editing prevents deafness in mice' The Guardian reports

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Alcohol causes DNA damage in mice

04 January 2018

'Alcohol can cause irreversible genetic damage to stem cells, says study' The Guardian reports

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New stem cell treatment may help reverse age-related sight loss

20 March 2018

'A revolutionary medical technique that harnesses the power of stem cell therapy has restored the vision of two patients' the Mail Online reports

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Could some commonly used drugs improve survival from sepsis?

19 June 2018

"Common drugs may stop sepsis, say doctors," the Times reports

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Stem cell cancer treatment leaves man 'free' of HIV

06 March 2019

"UK patient 'free' of HIV after stem cell treatment," reports BBC News. Doctors report that a man with HIV, who was given a stem cell transplant to treat his blood cancer, has no detectable signs of HIV 18 months after stopping anti-HIV treatment. The man had Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system (a key part of our immune system).

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New blood test could lead to better treatment for sepsis

14 November 2019

"Blood test for sepsis could save lives of thousands of children by detecting how deadly their condition is," reports the Mail Online.

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Could a new study give hope for earlier diagnosis of cancer?

06 February 2020

"Signs of cancer can appear long before diagnosis, study shows," reports The Guardian on a study that looked at 2,658 tumour samples and 38 cancer types.

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